Palazzo De Antaldis

Boutique Apartment Urbino

Palazzo De Antaldis


his elegant eighteenth-century venue has been recently renovated with contemporary decor and light distribution. Restoration has exposed the ancient plastering, thus revealing fragments on the walls and on the vaulted ceilings.

Delicate stuccoes crown the over doors and the corner pilasters, played in the entrance by mirrors that cover the whole extraordinary height of the room. This space can also become a perfect dining room, thanks to the presence of a large Spanish table from the seventeenth century.

In an almost theatrical scene, the skylight illuminates a series of rooms that peer out of eighteenth-century doors painted and decorated with gilded carvings: a fully equipped kitchen and two double bedrooms, one of which can be used with two single beds. The cabinets, enriched with eighteenth-century doors, create a harmonious contrast between the modern decor and the antiquity of the furniture from various eras. Each room has its own bathroom, complete with everything.

The atrium also gives access to a large music hall with a grand piano, a hi-fi stereo and a tv. The bookshelves offer art and music books and an encyclopedia. Original works of art and ceramics cover the walls of all the venues. In the Music Hall there is a rare copy of Raphael’s Ecstasy of Saint Cecilia. Each room is equipped with carpets, comfortable armchairs, seats and sofas of various types, the latter mainly furnishing the living rooms.

The Music Hall introduces the Fresco Room. This reception lounge is decorated with an 18th-century fireplace, topped by a large mirror and internally covered with antique ceramic tiles. The walls, covered with blue satin, are marked by the traces left by the old picture gallery. A chandelier in Murano glass illuminates the living room, creating an evocative play of lights. The room is furnished with sofas and stylish furniture; the doors are from the eighteenth century with gilded finishes and, as in the whole apartment, inserted in marble frames.

All the original terracotta floors have been specifically designed for these spaces. The windows open onto gardens introducing the vastness of a panorama that evokes Leopardi’s poem The Infinite.

Guidobaldo room


he portrait of GUIDOBALDO II DELLA ROVERE, fifth Duke of Urbino, gives its name to the double bedroom. The room features a modern-style canopy bed, evoking Duke Federico’s alcove currently housed in the ducal palace.

Recent restorations have brought to light the ancient squaring of the wall and the delicacy of the old plaster colours, intensified by the lights of contemporary design lamps.

A decorated wardrobe with a golden finish and a door from the eighteenth century, in the space of an ancient passageway, faces a corner furnished with furniture by Vitra. The window overlooks the roof garden, open to visitors, and the hilly landscape.

The bathroom is accessed directly from the bedroom and is characterized by an Art Nouveau bust and modern furniture, all wrapped in a nuanced paint.

The room has a fully equipped kitchen overlooking the extraordinarily high and luminous atrium, which can also become a perfect dining room.

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Gradiva room


he impression of a young woman, the GRADIVA, introduces the guests to the homonymous room. The name was given by Wilhelm Jensen, who in the famous short novel referred to the neo-Attic bas-relief housed in the Vatican museums.

In the neoclassical yet contemporary furnishings a double bed, which can be converted into two single beds, is available to the guest. A small corner furnished with Vitra furniture offers an opening onto the roof garden, open to visitors, and onto the hilly landscape.

Lamps of ancient workmanship and contemporary design with intense plays of light emphasize the dynamic lines of the room. The room facing east collects the first rays of the sun reflecting on the details of ancient vault decorations.

Through a short passage the guest reaches a large bathroom rich with embellishments: an eighteenth century console table (base of the washbasin), sculptures, ceramics and a floral covering in relief, wrapped in shaded painting.

The room has a fully equipped kitchen overlooking the extraordinarily high and luminous atrium, which can also become a perfect dining room.

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