The Ideal City


Urbino is a city with at least three souls.

The first is the soul of the project, Fedora, a gift from Federico. The “city in the form of a palace”, as described by Baldassarre Castiglione in his Book of the Courtier, is represented not only by the Ducal Palace but also by the Ideal City tableau.

The enchanting scenery of Renaissance in Urbino

The second is the soul of the Albanis, with Pope Clement XI. It is the city as urban unit, which speaks of its rulers through dedicated signals (obelisks, memorial stones, columns, arcs) placed in the key points of passage.

The third is the contemporary soul of the Colleges, built on a project by Giancarlo De Carlo, where city and landscape, architecture and nature continuously interact with each other.

Palazzo De Antaldis

In the late fifteenth century PALAZZO DE ANTALDIS is owned by FEDERICO DA MONTEFELTRO, who later assigns it to his son Antonio. The Palace rests on one of two hills in the city, in the heart of Roman Urbino, elements of which still appear in many basements. It is located in front of Palazzo Bonaventura, first residence of Duke Federico and now the headquarters of the University. It overlooks the Renaissance Square, next to the Ducal Palace. In the fifteenth century the Palazzo belongs to the VIRGILIS, family of the famous POLYDORE, archdeacon of Welles and friend of Thomas More and Erasmus, who wrote the first history of the English nation.

In the 17th century, thanks to the intervention of DUCA GUIDOBALDO II DELLA ROVERE, the Palazzo passed into the hands of the ANTALDI FAMILY.

On the entrance portal are the emblem and an epigraph: “MAURI EIUSQUE FRATRUM DE ANTALDIS”.

In the nineteenth century the Palazzo hosted Massimo D’Azeglio, proponent of the Unification of Italy.

In this house lived LUIGI of the VECCHIOTTI FAMILY, new owner of the Palace. He was Chapel Master and composer, also remembered for the words of GIOACHINO ROSSINI, who said: “I AM THE ROSSINI OF THE THEATER, YOU ARE THE ROSSINI OF THE CHURCH“.

The Ideal City
preserved in the National Gallery of Marche (Urbino)
La Muta by Raffaello Sanzio preserved in the National Gallery of Marche (Urbino)

Palazzo De Antaldis

Boutique Apartment Urbino

The Apartment

This elegant eighteenth-century venue has been recently renovated with contemporary decor and light distribution. Restoration has exposed the ancient plastering, thus revealing fragments on the walls and on the vaulted ceilings.

Delicate stuccoes crown the over doors and the corner pilasters, played in the entrance by mirrors that cover the whole extraordinary height of the room.

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A unique stay, in a location with every comfort.
Boutique Apartment Urbino

A fully equipped kitchen and two double bedrooms, one of which can be used with single beds. Each room has its own bathroom, complete with everything.

The atrium also gives access to a large music hall with a grand piano, a hi-fi stereo and a tv. The bookshelves offer precious art and music books and an encyclopedia.

Palazzo De Antaldis

Guidobaldo Room

Double Bedroom

The portrait of GUIDOBALDO II DELLA ROVERE, fifth Duke of Urbino, gives its name to the double bedroom. The room features a modern-style canopy bed, evoking Duke Federico’s alcove currently housed in the ducal palace.

Recent restorations have brought to light the ancient squaring of the wall and the delicacy of the old plaster colours, intensified by the lights of contemporary design lamps.

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Infinite and exquisite panorama
from Marche
Boutique Apartment Urbino

The windows open onto gardens, thus introducing the vastness of a panorama that evokes Leopardi’s poem The Infinite.

On the right side of the roof garden there is a newly built terrace, which allows the exploration of the landscape from the Adriatic sea to the church of San Bernardino, Mausoleum of the Dukes.

Palazzo De Antaldis

Gradiva Room

Master bedroom with double or single beds

The impression of a young woman, the GRADIVA, introduces the guests to the homonymous room. The name was given by Wilhelm Jensen, who in the famous short novel referred to the neo-Attic bas-relief housed in the Vatican museums.

In the neoclassical yet contemporary furnishings a double bed, which can be converted into two single beds, is available to the guest. A small corner furnished with Vitra furniture offers an opening onto the roof garden, open to visitors, and onto the hilly landscape.

Lamps of ancient workmanship and contemporary design with intense plays of light emphasize the dynamic lines of the room. The room facing east collects the first rays of the sun reflecting on the details of ancient vault decorations.

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Boutique Apartment Urbino

The Roof Garden

Bicycles can be parked for a short time in the roof garden.

Urbino is the city of roof gardens, including the one that, despite having the entrance on Via Santa Chiara, belongs to Palazzo De Antaldis. It is the largest in Urbino historic center, only second to the roof garden of the Ducal Palace. Thanks to its tall trees it becomes a real green lung in the center of the city. On the right side of the roof garden there is a newly built terrace, which allows the exploration of the landscape from the Adriatic sea to the church of San Bernardino, Mausoleum of the Dukes.

The garden borders the former convent of San Girolamo, now the site of the humanistic pole of the University library. At the entrance there is a pergola of pseudo-jasmine, followed by a bed of agapanthus and a small rose bush, aromatic plants, a small bamboo garden, an acanthus flower bed and, at the end, a series of climbing plants. The presence of an ancient vein water well ensures irrigation even in the hottest summer months.

The Roof Garden is available to all guests and for all 5 booking options.

Boutique Apartment Urbino

Silvia and Maria


I went through University both as a student and as a teacher in order to close the circle on the interpretation of the work of art.

I was wrong, and I have just realized that my main interest is to find the best ways to communicate the secrets wrapped in shapes.

Now I work with a design studio for exhibitions, museums and interiors.

Staging exhibitions and working on the concept of assembly are my daily – and sometimes even nightly – occupations.

I like
In the winter to watch the structure of the broadleaf trees
pasty cakes
the fire in the fireplace
Angel by Thierry Mugler
the succulent plants
the sound of the sea
I do not like
lost time
the past

Silvia and Maria have given new life to this place and today welcome guests from all over the world


Sensations, scents, flavours, memories… the magic of Urbino. The soul expands on the roofs of tiles and chimneys, amused by the squabbling of crows and pigeons, from the soft hilly landscape all the way to the heights of the shining mountains.

I hide behind islands of fog and merge with the silent flakes before the crackling fire. On the gravel roads of the countryside, inebriated, I sing songs while my eyes chase strips of land, touching the seashore, warmth, breeze, solitary silence, hypnotized by a mutant fluctuating scenery of colours. I await a sunset, states of mind.

I return to the hectic everyday life, which I love: noises, voices, unknown faces, people dear to me, friends, my musical and cultural projects, convivial moments, the card game, a prose or contemporary show, a classic or pop music concert, a musical, an Opera, travels, art exhibitions, my favourite films or a movie night, a book or poems, writing stories or thoughts, drawing, listening to music.

Music: my passion. An almost unconscious attitude, already at the age of two, when my safe and musical foot followed the swinging rhythm of a drop falling into the bathtub. I was that drop. From a fun game a to vital need and, finally, to a professional path.

A written Destiny, a veterinary visit for my dog Zeus, a black and white wad, cerulean eyes, human in his ways and looks, which took me to the Gioachino Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro: last day of registration. A dream come true: beautiful human and work experiences, concerts, shows, music lessons. And now here I am, sitting at my grand piano, among chamber music scores, in an incessant dialogue with my characters, in an emotional delirium, evoked and lived in every sound and poetic word, in a cathartic interpretation I wish to give to the listener.

Boutique Apartment Urbino

A multipurpose venue…

…dedicated to art and more.

The Music Hall and the Fresco Room can be booked for cultural events and more, with the possibility of spending the night in the Guidobaldo Room and / or in the Gradiva Room or to request the entire Boutique Apartment in Palazzo De Antaldis.

The two rooms can accommodate:

  • Musical events: chamber music concerts, master classes, courses
  • Cultural events: exhibitions, conferences, conventions, seminars, courses, lessons, book presentations
  • Ceremonies: baptisms, communions, confirmations, receptions for religious and civil weddings, anniversaries, graduation receptions
  • Business lunches / dinners or aperitifs
  • Business presentations
  • Photo and video service

A catering service is available upon request to crown the events.

The Fresco Room

The Music Hall

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Camera Guidobaldo

Camera Gradiva

Boutique Apartment

Location Event

Top Location Event

Booking options

Consult the plans of the apartment to verify the possibility of using the environments included in each booking option.


Booking of Guidobaldo and Gradiva rooms allows the use of the room and its bathroom, the dining room, the kitchen, the music hall and the roof garden. Book the Guidobaldo room – Book the Gradiva room

Boutique Apartment

The Boutique Apartment booking allows the use of the two Guidobaldo and Gradiva rooms with their bathrooms, the dining room, the kitchen, the music hall and the roof garden. Book the Boutique Apartment

Location Event

The reservation in Location Event mode allows the use of the Entrance / Dining Room, the Kitchen, the Music Hall, the Fresco Room, a bathroom and the Roof Garden. Contact us for info and reservations.

Top Location Event

La prenotazione in modalità Top Location Event consente l’utilizzo dell’Ingresso/Sala da Pranzo, della Cucina, della Sala della Musica, della Sala degli Affreschi e delle due Camere Guidobaldo e Gradiva con relativi bagni per il pernottamento, del Giardino Pensile. Contattaci per info e prenotazioni.

Boutique Apartment Urbino

Useful information

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ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) free access times

  • Summer period from May 1st to October 31st:

Access to the ZTL through VARCO 1 VIA MATTEOTTI is allowed only with temporary permission; parking is authorized in white stalls only;


  • Winter period from November 1st to April 30th:

FROM MONDAY TO SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS EXCLUDED, free access to the ZTL (limited traffic zone) through the VARCO 1 VIA MATTEOTTI is allowed from 6 p.m. to midnight; parking is authorized in white stalls only;

The apartment is equipped with:

  • Towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper
  • Heating – thermostatic valves on each individual radiator to adjust the temperature of each room as desired
  • Windows with insulating thermal glass
  • Laptop table and a chair suitable to work many hours in the bedroom
  • Wi-fi
  • Coffee maker
  • Pots & Pans
  • Olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper
  • Kitchenware
  • Induction plate
  • Microwave oven
  • Hair dryer in every bathroom
  • Shower
  • Hair dryer in every bathroom
  • Coat rack
  • Private rooms can be locked for guest safety and privacy
  • Shower gel
  • Carbon monoxide detector in every bedroom
  • Smoke detector in every bedroom
  • First aid kit placed in the kitchen, at your fingertips
  • TV in the Music Hall
  • Grand piano
  • Library equipped with books about art, music and many more subjects for a pleasant read

Nice to live, easy to reach

The nearest parking is in Borgo Mercatale with a lift to the base of Ducal Palace’s turrets. From there we are approx. 150 meters away.

Parking is ample and guarded. Paid service for cars, motorcycles, campers. Possibility to park the vehicle at a reduced rate for a few days, with the freedom to access it several times during the day.

Rates are:
Daily: € 10,00
From the 2nd to the 7th Day: € 5,00

PFor information and subscription please contact the Parking Cashier in Borgo Mercatale
Tel: +39 (0)722/2631
Opening hours from Monday to Saturday: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday and holidays: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

All access gates to the limited traffic zone (ZTL) are constantly monitored by special video surveillance cameras and the wording “ACTIVE VARCO” in the displays indicates that the cameras are active.